Discover your inner grace

Yoga at the Study Society

Slow Deep Yoga

Yoga with Helen Oates

6:30 -20:00

This is a slow deep vinyasa class suitable for beginners and those wishing to explore their yoga practice more deeply.

We will dive into the dance of the breath and how that expresses itself through our bodies and our asana practice.

The journey of yoga teaches us how to transform our stiff and limited experience of ourselves unto a fluid expression of “that” which moves within us. We then embody grace and beauty.

Helen Oates is currently the whirling dervish teacher for the Study Society. She is also a qualified yoga and qi gong teacher which she teaches privately as well as working as a craniosacral and massage therapist.

Karuna Yoga

Yoga with Amanda Fawcett

6:45 -20:00

Practising yoga has lasting physical and psychological benefits. You will feel more calm and relaxed with less stress and anxiety. Karuna yoga emphasises the integration of body, mind and spirit. You will feel inspired to integrate the philosophy & practice of yoga into your daily life.

Like all forms of yoga, Karuna yoga combines physical poses, deep breathing, and meditation. A unique feature of Karuna yoga is the use of props (such as blocks, pillows, chairs, straps, and bolsters), which provide support and help students balance, stretch, and attain perfect alignment in each pose.

Amanda will spend time getting to know you & your strengths. You will feel supported whilst also being challenged in your practise.