What people say

Grounded and energized
‘I believe that I have gained hugely on an emotional, personal and intellectual level from the teaching and practice of meditation led by the Study Society. My work as a couples’ counsellor is demanding emotionally, and I find that the practice of meditation, which I learned with the Study Society, keeps me grounded and energized for challenging and occasionally stressful work.’

Inspirational nature
‘I don’t think that I could have seen (my problems) through without the help I received at Colet House. I refer to the meditation, the Dervish Turning and the Movements to which I was gradually introduced. Even more important was the framework of the teaching, the meetings and the inspirational nature of the leaders and friends. I became stronger, less febrile, more quiet and sympathetic to the needs of others. Clients and management found me more reliable…’

Emotional well-being
‘I am grateful for a deeper mental and emotional well-being than I would probably have enjoyed without these influences coming from the Study Society, and an easier and more natural contact with other people. Over many years this has made my professional life full and positive as well as the friendships arising from it.’

Practical teachings
‘The practical teachings and the meditation are the cornerstone of my life. They have greatly influenced my work as a special needs teacher in primary schools and as a meditation mentor in secondary schools….’

Helped me to learn how to focus my attention
‘What I have gained from my contact with the Study Society has underpinned all aspects of my work. The daily practice of meditation helps to put one in the right frame of mind for dealing with the day. The discipline of the Movements has helped me to learn how to focus the attention, and this has been an invaluable transferable tool for helping me to tackle the problems in my working life.’