Vedic Chanting

Finding the right vibration

Traditional Mantra

Reciting together or chanting together creates an energy which contributes towards a sense of well-being and harmony. One of the oldest known forms of chanting together is the recitation of the Vedas. The hymns of the Vedas are formulae expressing eternal laws of creation. They are also songs of praise. Although they are valued for their meaning, it is said that they were given to mankind to bring blessings to the world in the form of sound even when the meaning is not understood.

Vedic recitation is a type of meditation through sound and resonance which is not the same as singing. By chanting traditional Vedic invocations we discover, in a very simple way, how that ancient tradition can bring us to a place of silence, deep peace and, ultimately, happiness.

Vedic Chanting Meetings

Meetings take place at 5.30-6.30 pm every Monday during term time. The meeting is followed by an optional period of silent meditation, 6.30-7.00 pm. Anyone may attend without notice.