Vedic Chanting with Gaiea

Vedic Chanting

with Gaiea

Dates TBA

Top Studio @ Colet House, London (W14 9DA)

and via Zoom

Experience Vedic Chanting with Gaiea
Through sounding the ancient mantra, unchanged for thousands of years, following the swara, becoming one with the sound, mind merged in sound, heart merged in sound, mind meeting heart through this union, mind becoming one with heart, the pilgrimage from head to heart is begun. It is a practice of listening and sounding. There is no need for intellect to engage any more than to give a refinement of attention and presence. And gradually the sounds of the vedas percolate the being, the room, the atmosphere, and bring about a state of peace.


Nik playing kirtan Colet house


This is what happens when I sing, there is no  difference between me, what is being sung, and the singing itself, it all becomes one and the same.  This is why there is only one thing I have to do in this life, and that is sing  in Sanskrit.

My intention is purely to follow the dharma that is guiding me.  That is all.  Right now my duty is to give pure sounds to the universe – pure and  simple – with pure heart. 

The rest is not in my power or control or domain. The rest is in God’s Divine’s Mother’s hands. The songs will carry you away, transport you, and give you this connection to some blissful feeling within.

That’s the aim… To take you on a mind altering journey, like you just cannot stop listening you are completely mesmerised but at the same time, relaxed.