Mevlevi Turning

Rumi and the cosmic dance

Whirling Dervish turning from the Mevlevi order of dervishes is a potent method for experiencing inner stillness and the opening of the heart. It was originally taught to us in 1963 by a Mevlevi Sheikh with the permission of the head of the order. It has been taught and practised at The Study Society’s home at Colet House on a regular basis since then. The Turning is a part of a ceremony known as a ‘Mukabele’ (meaning ‘coming face to face’) and it was originally developed by followers of the 13th century Persian mystic Jalalu’ddin Rumi. When we were taught it, we were asked to preserve it in its original form.

As well as having a deep transforming effect on the turners, the whole ceremony has a profound inner symbolism, which represents mankind’s inner journey back to the realisation of his essential oneness with God and the unity of all creation. 

You are invited to join a public Mukabele and Rumi poetry gathering on the 1st Friday of each month. The ceremony is open to people of all beliefs and backgrounds.

Turning Training

‘Slow turning’ is a simple turning technique that can be learnt in a few minutes and leads to the experience of stillness. Members of the public are most welcome to join our open practise and learn how to ‘slow turn’. Open practises are typically held every Friday evening excluding the first Friday of each month.

The 2024 whirling dervish training is currently scheduled to happen over a 4-week period from April 8th to May 3rd. Classes will run in the mornings and evenings according to the same schedule every week. Please note that participants will need to attend all morning and evening classes. The training is offered free of charge.

Class schedule:

  • Morning classes: Monday to Saturday 7am-7.30/8.15am
  • Evening classes: Mondays and Fridays at 7pm

Training meeting: March 1st 6pm @ Colet House – applicants must attend the meeting and the Mukabele ceremony afterwards at 7.20pm

Application deadline: March 22nd 2024, 12 pm (noon)

How to apply:

  1. Click on “Apply” to download application
  2. Send filled application form back to us via email (to or post it to the following address:

    Helen Oates

    The Study Society 

    Colet House

    151 Talgarth Road

    London W14 9DA 

  3. After submitting your application, expect to hear from us soon