The Sun Yogini Flow

The Sun Yogini Flow – A FREE Workshop 


SATURDAY MAY 28th 10:00am – 12:30pm

East Studio @ Colet House, London (W14 9DA)

Join us for this free workshop and experience the ancient Sun ritual of ‘Surya Upasnaa’ with meditation, dance, mantra – kirtan and yoga.

In the Vedic Scriptures the energy of Surya – Sun is regarded as the benevolence of divinity bestowing strength, abundance, intelligence and self-realisation.

This beautiful, transcendental Surya Upasnaa Ritual is still practiced by many mystical Yogis enabling them to open their chakras and achieve spiritual enlightenment through the sacred energy of the Sun and his consort.

The Rigveda reveals the disk of the Sun functions as a chakra opening gateway between the human realm and the world of the Divine Energies.

You will receive a complimentary ayurvedic candle, organic incense and a Sun amulet for this workshop which you can take home with you.

No previous experience required

Please wear a bright colour related to the Sun – Oranges – Yellows – Reds

An event definitely not to be missed

All materials are free and included

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Nik Parmar

Nik Parmar from Spiritual Gypsy is a creative Bhakti yogi who loves to explore and share the ancient Eastern concepts of devotional wellbeing, offering a mystical lifestyle based on sacred culture and timeless wisdom wrapped in modern relevance and spiritual joy.

His research interest is in Performance Ritual and how people express their identity and connection to their sense of place through music, dance, storytelling and across the arts.

Spiritual Gypsy conducts bespoke creative workshops based on sacred, traditional and historically grounded arts and crafts heritage of the Vedic traditions.

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