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Record of H.H. Shantanand Saraswati

The Story of the Record 

The Record of (H.H.) Shantanand Saraswati is a comprehensive written archive of the audiences, interviews and correspondence. It took place over an 18 year period between Dr. Francis Roles, members of The Study Society and His Holiness (H.H.) Shantanand Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Northern India. It also includes some memorable descriptions of the settings in which these meetings took place. Dr. Roles knew from the start that the non-dual Acharya Advaita Tradition relates to universal spiritual truth. It is known as “the body of Eternal Religion” yet is not aligned to any specific religion. The Record of (H.H.) Shantanand Saraswati has much to offer anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of the essential true self.

When he met H.H., Dr. Roles said it was the first time he had met a fully-realised man.  He felt sure he was now directly in touch with the source of a tradition he had known only in fragmentary form. Through these dialogues, Dr Roles came to realise that what was needed was not the acquisition of new abilities, but a focus on nurturing those natural talents and gifts already within us.

The Shankaracharya’s responses to Dr Roles range far and wide. He uses simple language but the content is profound. The depth of meaning becomes clearer to anyone putting it into practice through meditation and in everyday life.

“Then we will see that the Absolute which appears to be outside and seemingly separated, becomes united with us. Then there is no beginning, there is no end, there is no inner and there is no outer – it is the same Absolute available everywhere”

The perennial Advaita philosophy underlies all of the Shankaracharya’s teachings. He wished to make this teaching understood and available as widely as possible. Please read and agree to our code of use before accessing The Record of (H.H.) Shantanand Saraswati .

The Record of (H.H.) Shantanand Saraswati - The Study Society

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The Record of (H.H.) Shantanand Saraswati has been posted as a set of PDF documents, (mostly) one for each year. In order to search the record you must open the INDEX pdf first and search within that for the relevant entry. INDEX