Study Groups

The Philosophy of Advaita

General Study Groups

We hold weekly group meetings to study and discuss the philosophy from the Advaita tradition.
Advaita means non-dual: it means that in reality everything is an aspect of one undivided whole. The usual sense of separation is seen as being artificial and the remedy is practical: to become more unified.

The Study Society has a unique archive of material collected by our founders and leaders over 50 years which is combined in study groups with wisdom from other sages and traditions together with the latest scientific discoveries in fields such as cosmology and the study of consciousness and the human mind.


Introductory Meetings

Introductory Meetings for newcomers are held at Colet House from time to time, and outside London on application.
These courses are based on informal, small group sessions meeting once a week.


The Philosophy of the Cosmic Dance

The Philosophy of the Cosmic Dance is an introduction to the non-dual Advaita philosophy. It is a series of dialogues that explore the perennial philosophy that lies behind the world’s great wisdom traditions.

We examine the dance of our identity and the dance of creation, while exploring the question “Who is it that dances?”.

The emphasis is on direct practical experience and takes place in an informal and friendly atmosphere at Colet House.

The discussions make use of different symbols that express this central idea, including the dance of Shiva, the symbolism of the Whirling Dervish ceremony from the Mevlevi tradition of Rumi and a simple framework of knowledge from the Indian Advaita tradition. The class runs in conjunction with the Whirling Dervish training course.


Study Group Meetings

at a more advanced level are open and members of the Society. Each term a new theme is chosen and people explore the topic in an atmosphere of friendly and informal dialogue.

Study groups are held around the UK

  • Colet House London
  • Caversham
  • Northiam (East Sussex)
  • Bath (Study Group)
  • Bath (Meditation Group)

If you would like further details, please contact the office.