Sacred Singing Circle

& Cacao Ceremony

Samhain Sacred Singing Circle & Cacao Ceremony London


Saturday OCTOBER 29th, 18:00-22:00

@ Colet House

£11/£14/£22 – pay as you wish

Come join us for Sacred Singing with special guest, Tallulah Rendall, a Cacao and Mistletoe Ceremony and Celtic Circle Dances and Music with Chandvi and Chris Park, and a journey through the Work That Reconnects Cycle via music, meditation and intention setting.

Kirtan London with Šárka Elias at The Study Society

Ben Ben Ji

Ben learnt from Sannyasins in India to play guitar and sing bhajans and Osho songs from the age of 7. Ben has travelled the world learning songs from India, the South American Medicine tradition and Rainbow Gatherings. He has held Sacred Singing Circles for over twenty years and now runs Wider Horizons Singing Circles.

Kirtan London with Šárka Elias at The Study Society

Tallulah Rendall

is a songwriter of substance with the heart of a lioness. A world renowned Singer-Songwriter who has written, crowdfunded, produced and toured 5 albums. A Creative Facilitator, Qi Gong Teacher & Sound Therapist, empowering people through Qi Gong & Sound Meditation to connect to their creative expression and lead happier, healthier and more embodied lives through her concerts, workshops and retreats.

Kirtan London with Šárka Elias at The Study Society

Chandvi Shah

is a healer, therapist, and artist who started her journey in Kenya. She has trained in several healing modalities rooted in Indian and Peruvian traditions. She uses colour, sound, and cacao to guide the transformation of one’s inner and outer worlds. Chandvi is passionate about holding space for those to unravel their layers and connect to the light in their heart.

Kirtan London with Šárka Elias at The Study Society

Chris Park

is a Druid, artist, musician and storyteller, immersed and versed in the ancient lore and wisdom traditions of the Isles of Britain.

He teaches and researches old ways and new. Hosting community ceremony, working with bees and apitherapy, fostering peace and seeking an ever-renewed sense of purpose and service

Kirtan London with Šárka Elias at The Study Society


has been a campaigner for environmental and social justice since she joined Survival International aged 15 and went on to set up the Colombia Solidarity Campaign.

She is particularly passionate about sharing the power of chanting for change .