Silent Meditation Gatherings

An Oasis of Calm with Sue Cassini-Nisbet

ONLINE meditation gatherings:

wednesdaYs & Sundays
18:00 – 18:40

Members can access direct zoom links here.

Join Sue Cassini-Nisbet and friends for 30 minutes of silent meditation in a nurturing and joyful virtual space designed to facilitate profound inner peace.

These half hour meditations are for those who enjoy being still and silent in the company of others. In addition to the 30 mins meditation, there will be a short reading at the beginning and a little music to end the session.

It is an opportunity for all to experience an oasis of calm facilitated by long-term meditators with The Study Society. There is usually a short reading beforehand and the half hour meditation may close with some music.

There will be no instruction or discussion held on the meditation itself. If you are new to meditation and would like to know more about how we practise at The Study Society please have a look here.

The cost is £5 for two sessions.

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Sue Cassini-Nisbet teaches Silent Meditation at the study society

Sue Cassini-Nisbet