Rumi & Friends Poetry Gatherings

Rumi & Friends Poetry Gatherings

First Friday of the month: 17:30 – 18:30

Rumi & Friends Poetry Gatherings are facilitated by Kim Shams, a long term member of The Study Society and Mevlevi Turner.  

Mevlevi Turning is a practice that forms part of a whirling dervish ceremony  known as a ‘Mukabele’ (meaning ‘coming face to face’).  It was originally developed by followers of the 13th century Persian mystic  and poet Jalalu’ddin Rumi.   The ceremony has a profound inner symbolism, which represents humankind’s inner journey back to the realisation of our essential oneness with God and the unity of all creation. Rumi said he was the friend of 73 religions. In the last 26 years of his life he produced 60,000 couplets in the form of his 3,200 ecstatic poems (ghazals).  His more didactic work, the six-volume Masnavi e Maanavi has been studied by members of The Study Society for over 60 years.

Please bring a poem to share either on – or off – the theme of Rumi.

If you have any questions you are most welcome to email Kim at

To give people time to join, the zoom meeting is opened at 5.25pm.

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