Qoya with Claire

Qoya with Claire


MONDAYS 18:30-20:00

Top Studio @ Colet House

Qoya is movement with meaning. It is based on the idea that through movement, we remember our true essence as wise, wild and free. Wise, wild and free also reference the types of movement we do in a Qoya class. Through creative expression of dance, yoga, meditation and sharing, we explore the feminine flow of our bodies.  

There is no beginner, intermediate or advanced levels in Qoya because there is no way to do it wrong. The way that we know we are doing it right is that it feels good and true in our bodies. 

This Qoya in London class for women to explore connecting with her intuitive nature of her body. No experience needed, simply bring an open heart.

Qoya London at Colet House
Tai chi teacher in Colet House West London

Claire Rimell

Claire is an accredited Qoya teacher and holistic practitioner.  

With a wealth of dance experience and performance training from drama school, Claire began her early working life in the arts. Following a move to London and a career change into the corporate world, her priorities shifted & dance momentarily fell by the wayside. Through Qoya, re-connecting to a daily movement practise has been invaluable. Claire has experienced first-hand the life-giving effect of listening within to the wisdom of her body, heart and the intuition to feel happier in her body and more connected to her true essence. 

She invites you to join her and to explore and share your own journey.  


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