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Grounding Practices for Late Summer

Qigong and the Earth Element:
Grounding Practices for Late Summer

TUESDAYS 18:00 – 19:15, TOP STUDIO

Changing seasons can be a difficult time for many, specially when we move from the expansive energy of Summer to the contracting energy of Autumn.

September 23rd will be the Autumn equinox: day and night will be of equal length. From that date Yang energy (the forces of sunlight), slowly will give over to Yin (darkness).

According to Qigong and the Chinese Five Element cycle, the EARTH ELEMENT controls the transitions between seasons, so they are smoothly flowing one into another rather than abruptly changing. Earth holds the centre and allows the balance of energies to shift gently.

In this series of five Qigong classes we will explore the EARTH ELEMENT (or phase) and its associated season, LATE SUMMER, a period of stability and abundance.

We will learn practices (movements, meditations, self-massage and breathing techniques) that will help us to smoothly transition from Summer to Autumn focusing on the Earth.

Element qualities:

• We will feel centred and receptive

• We will feel grounded and balanced

• We will feel that we belong to life in planet Earth

• We will feel steady and ready for change

• We will feel that we are part of the cycle of life

The sessions are open to all abilities.

The class can be taken individually or as a set for a discounted price.

To benefit from the personal feedback from the teacher and to ensure the best quality experience, the classes will have a limited capacity, so we invite you to book your ticket in advance.

You can purchase the tickets online or in person at our reception desk.

Natalia teaching Chi Kung (Qi gong) in West London

Natalia Miralles Huete

Is a Certified Qigong Teacher settled in London. She has been running in-person Qigong classes and courses at Colet House since 2021.

Natalia has trained in Five Element Qigong with well recognised instructors such as Daniel Brierley and Mimi Kuo-Deemer and in Yi Quan Qigong with renowned Grandmaster Kenneth S. Cohen.

Qigong found her in 2017 when she was desperately looking for ways to manage her widespread chronic pain. The benefits of Qigong were so consistent at so many different levels (physical, emotional, and spiritual) that Natalia fully immersed herself into it, as a personal daily practice and as a new fulfilling profession, living behind her 15-year career as an architect. She is passionate to share the healing power of Qigong with others.

Natalia is also a volunteer at St George’s Hospital. There she has helped patients to cope better with their stay in hospital, teaching them mindful movements, meditation, relaxation techniques, and even Spanish!

What is Qigong?
Qigong (pronounced “Chee-gung”) is a whole system for health and wellbeing, it is an ancient Chinese Art for Energy Cultivation – a practice to cultivate health, vitality and strength in a gentle way, using Intention instead of Force.

If you have been thinking of taking action to improve your physical, mental and emotional health, but don’t know what to do or where to start, Qigong might be just the right practice for you. It is simple, yet extremely effective.

Qigong’s slow, fluid and harmonious movements are accessible to everyone regardless of current physical condition. It is a standing practice, but it can also be done from a chair if standing is not currently comfortable for you. You don’t need to lie down on a mat, be flexible or wear special clothes.

Unlike other forms of exercise, in Qigong we focus on: gently mobilising and lubricating all the joints in our body preventing or slowing down illnesses such as arthritis or chronic inflammation; learning to develop a better posture and a more structurally aligned spine; and building bone density. Our muscles also grow stronger and more flexible, lengthening without becoming bulky. Our balance and stability improve, which is so important as we grow old.

What are Qigong’s benefits?

The well-known Latin sentence, “Mens sana in corpore sano” is translated as, “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Chinese wisdom is much more ancient, and they were aware that how we breathe, hold and move our bodies can have a profound impact on our mental and emotional health, balancing our emotions.

Qigong’s slow fluid movements will help you to quiet your busy mind and calm down the tension in your body. When your mind is clear and focused, and your body is calm and relaxed, you’ll be able to take the necessary steps to live a balanced life with more vitality. Additionally, the connection with the natural world that Qigong encourages through Intention and Imagery will develop the spiritual aspect of your life as well.

What are people saying…

“Natalia is an empathetic and professional teacher of Qigong. She clearly has a profound understanding of the forms and their inherent meaning. She demonstrates the traditional movements simply and clearly which makes them easy to learn while at the same time explaining their deeper purpose and meaning. I highly recommend Natalia to anyone wishing to learn more about this ancient technique.”

— John Kent

“Natalia is most encouraging to those coming to Qigong for the first time. She explains everything clearly and her class is an oasis of calm. She is ideally suited to teaching Qigong due to her natural communication skills and the benefits she has derived from it herself. She is very invested in her clients’ wellbeing, especially those suffering with chronic conditions.”

— Hilary Oliver

“I have found that the Qigong class has helped me during a really busy time in my life, when I have been changing my direction. It has given me a quiet period when I focus just on the exercises and breathing. I am enjoying trying to focus my mind and letting other thoughts go away, a work in progress for me.”

— Deborah Clune

“I love your approach to teaching qigong, your calm, grounded, presentation and the clarity with which you explain everything, and thoroughly enjoyed your sessions”

— Veronica