Playfulness 6 for 5 concession/member



The Practice of Playfulness


Tuesday evenings @ 19:45 – Top Studio @ Colet House

*This voucher gives access to six sessions for the price of seven*

Who says your spiritual practice needs to be serious? What if playfulness could become a pathway towards self-discovery and wholeness? Well, don’t take our word for it – come and explore these drop in sessions where grown up adults can reconnect with their often buried sense of childlike play.

We’ll draw from the worlds of clowning, improv, mime and dance as well as spontaneous silliness and generalised irreverence. Together, this unlikely cocktail will leave you feeling joyous, open-hearted and flooded with endorphins.

‘I lost three things from your self-discovery workshop. A stiff body, a numb heart and a disease called seriousness.’

’It feels so healthy just to let the inner child have fun and be free. The games we played were really powerful and by the end, I could feel a huge shift.’