The Practice of Playfulness

The Practice of Playfulness

with Ailon Freedman 

ALTERNATE Tuesdays @ 19:30 – 21:00

East Studio @ Colet House

Who says your spiritual practice needs to be serious? What if playfulness could become a pathway towards self-discovery and wholeness? Well, don’t take our word for it – come and explore these drop in sessions where grown up adults can reconnect with their often buried sense of childlike play.

We’ll draw from the worlds of clowning, improv, mime and dance as well as spontaneous silliness and generalised irreverence. Together, this unlikely cocktail will leave you feeling joyous, open-hearted and flooded with endorphins.

‘I lost three things from your self-discovery workshop. A stiff body, a numb heart and a disease called seriousness.’

‘Literally like being drunk without any alcohol.’

’It’s such a cliche, but tonight you proved that Laughter really IS the best medicine. Thank you.’

£20 drop-in. Concessions/Members £15.

Ailon Freedman

Ailon Freedman’s adult life has been devoted to the synthesis and marriage of spiritual practice with humour and playfulness. He has worked as a yoga teacher, corporate facilitator and public speaking coach, as well as an artist, comedian, clown and drummer. He has brought many of these elements together in his trainings Clown Healing, Speak from the Heart and Free your Inner Artist.

Ailon’s mission is to help people discover their sense of freedom, wellness and inner balance through not only yoga and mindfulness but also creativity, celebration and fun. This endeavour is currently taking shape as The Mandala of You curriculum at Colet House.