Good Company with Rosalind Wyatt – 24.01.2022

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These early evening Study Society gatherings of chanting, meditation and exchange of ideas are opportunity to explore real possibilities for living in harmony – both with ourselves and with nature.

Chi Kung with Dan Brierley 25.01.2022

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Chi Kung (Qi Gong) with Daniel Brierley An ancient system of health and exercise that originates from China, where it has been developing and evolving for thousands of years. Chi Kung has been used by people for millennia not only to support and maintain health but also as a form of conscious exercise and meditation. […]

Somatic Breath & Voice 25.01.22

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This new weekly voice class incorporates therapeutic, somatic bodywork, breathwork, & mindfulness techniques combined with expressive/musical voice work to deepen the relationship with our individual expression & to develop greater physical & emotional well-being. This practice draws from Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and Chi Kung as well as from classical singing and theatre performance techniques. The […]

The Richard Stevens Masnavi Group 25/1/22

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“Where is the Musician in my soul? That its singing May echo in a thousand heads the enchantments of love. I said I will not speak, but I will; Fulfilling promises is not a notable virtue of mine” (Divan 223, v 1-2, translated by Dr Fatemeh Keshavarz) We meet every Tuesday evening on Zoom from […]

Hatha Yoga 25.1.22

Hatha Yoga Class IN PERSON: TUESDAYS @ 18:15 East Studio @ Colet House Come and join us for a Hatha Yoga class in West London, at Colet House. Every Tuesday from 18:15 – 19:15. Expect an accessible, slow-paced Hatha class that will wake up your body, quieten the mind and leave you calm and refreshed.(Ailon […]

Chi Kung with Natalia MH 25.01.22

Natalia currently teaches Chi Kung (Qigong), an ancient Chinese Art for wellbeing and healing. Chi Kung is a system composed of many different practices: meditation, breathing techniques, self massage, and gentle, fluid movements. In Chi Kung we use our breath and our intention to move our body in a slow and harmonious way using Nature […]

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The Practice of Playfulness

The Practice of Playfulness WITH AILON FREEDMAN TUESDAY EVENINGS FOR 6 WEEKS COMMENCING JANUARY 18TH, 19:45 – 21:15 Top Studio @ Colet House Who says your spiritual practice needs to be serious? What if playfulness could become a pathway towards self-discovery and wholeness? Well, don’t take our word for it – come and explore these […]

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Morning Meditations with Patti Good w/c 24.1.2022

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Online Guided Meditation Sessions Start your day calmly and peacefully with a gentle, guided meditation. This is a simple, easy way to nourish and support yourself during this strange time of isolation. Each session will follow the same format and start with time to greet each other and connect across the ethers. You will be […]


Himalayan Kriya Yoga with Cristina Berar – 26.01.2022

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Himalayan Kriya Yoga Wednesdays 10:00 - 11:00 Yoga is a journey of remembering the blissful nature of our self through releasing and letting go of all that we are not, while intensifying the connection with our true nature of causeless joy and kindness. During the Himalayan Kriya Yoga classes, we will use a series of […]

Yoga Flow with Anja Brierley Lange 26.01.2022

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Yoga Flow A mindful flow of yoga poses with attention to alignment and easy breathing. We will include a short relaxation and seated practise. The yoga classes are inspiring, creative and safe. Inspired by gentle flow yoga, alignment, ayurvedic and yogic philosophy. Options of modifications and variations of postures are given during the class to […]

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Silent Meditation 23 + 26 January

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Join Sue Cassini-Nisbet and friends for 30 minutes of silent meditation in a nurturing and joyful virtual space designed to facilitate profound inner peace. These half hour meditations are for people who already have an individual contemplative practice and who enjoy being still in the company of others.


Dancing at the Edge of the Skin

This course builds upon the legacy of Japanese Butoh dance through somatic dance practice, Tai-ch’i, free improvisation and choreographic experiments. Springing from the spiritual problem of ‘who am I?’, a fundamental question in the path of non-dual self-inquiry, this course unravels the inquiry through movement and dance rather than analysis or language. In this physical […]

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