Online classes and meetings

Join us for Online classes and meetings on Zoom

 The most cost-effective way to access our activities is via a monthly or annual subscription. Please see our Members & Friends page for details.
You can also opt for a series of coupons for our weekly classes (see below) if that’s preferable. Alternatively you can of course join a class (£7.50)
or traditional member gathering (£5) on an ad-hoc basis. We will be adding more classes and gatherings as they become available.

Sundays @ 10:30

These Sunday morning Advaita meetings with non-dual teacher and Shakespeare expert Phillip Marvin  get to the very heart of non-duality.

They are inspiring and practical. A theme may be introduced or a question may spark a spontaneous conversation.

First Fridays @ 17:30

‘First Friday’ of the month gatherings of the Rumi and Friends Poetry Group at the Study Society.

Please bring a poem to share, on – or off – the theme.


Mondays @ 18:00 or 18:30

Our weekly community gatherings are convened and facilitated by long-term Study Society member, designer and raconteur, Jonathan Leiserach. The silent meditations, Kirtan, and exchange of ideas offer an opportunity to explore living in harmony – both with our true selves and with nature. 

Wednesdays @ 10:00

This class offers a journey to remembering the blissful nature of our true self through releasing and letting go of all that we are not, while intensifying the connection with our innate nature of causeless joy and kindness.

Tues 9:45, Thurs 9:45/5:30

Chi Kung Class: Tuesday 09:45
Seated Chi Kung Class: Thursday 9:45
Chi Kung Class: Thursday 17:30

Chi Kung has been used by people for millennia to maintain health and as a form of  exercise and meditation.

First Sundays @ 10:30

Facilitated by Norman Alderton, a
non-dual practitioner for over 40 years. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and insights of this perennial philosophy, calling on teaching from whichever source is found to be of value.

Tuesdays @ 18:00

We gather every Tuesday evening to read Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi’s Masnavi in Nicholson’s magisterial translation. We intersperse our readings with readings from the Divan e Shams e Tabriz in various translations.

Wed & Sun @ 18:00

Join Sue Cassini-Nisbet and friends for 30 minutes of silent meditation in a nurturing and joyful virtual space to  facilitate profound inner peace.

Use the coupons below to get either five classes for the price of four, or ten classes for the price of seven: