Non-Duality with Norman Alderton

Non-Duality with Norman Alderton

First Sunday of each month

Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and insights of the non-dual philosophy, calling on teaching from whichever source is found to be of value. Sometimes a topic is selected to focus discussion but no extensive theory is offered leaving attendees to speak from their own awareness at the time. The emphasis is for the simple principles to be restated and appreciated in the company of like-minded people. Many who have shared these principles find they have universal application. It is not a question of getting somewhere but realising who we already are; it is not a state of mind but a transcending of mind.

Non Members of The Study Society are welcome to attend these gatherings which are found to be of particular help to those who have spent some time investigating the non-dual concepts previously and wish to test their understanding with others. Participants often find that the discussions give them greater meaning within their lives and inclusivity in society.

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2021 meeting schedule:
October 3rd @ 10:30 via Zoom
November 7th @ 10:30 
December 5th @ 10:30

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