The doors are open,
come step into this space.
Remove the layers.
You are welcome here just as you are.


This space is yours,
and you are held in the arms of the Great Mother.
Let Her nourish you.
Let Her inspire you.


Our own unique resonance,
joined together in this circle.
We rise as one.


This is the voice of the heart
and the voice of truth.
Come sing, come dance. Be free.


november 18th

Doors 5.30pm for 6pm – 8pm
(followed by optional shared meal)

A heart-centred journey of Kirtan, Poetry, Sound and Silence with Sivani Mata Moon and the Shakti Soul Family

You are invited for an evening exploration of Music as Medicine, a deep dive into the heart through co-created song. It is a conversation with that inner place in each one of us that is ever unified with everything in creation; it is a practice of communion with all that is. In our gathered community we mainly sing together Kirtan in the ancient powerful language of Sanskrit. Repeating simple mantras which invoke a trance-like state within, as well as evoking the spirit of Bhakti: the mood of love. As well as Sanskrit Kirtan we will explore simple songs in other languages, the poetry of the mystics and moments of silence.

Sivani Mata plays the harmonium, leading our journey, accompanied by musicians who support with heartfelt instrumentation and rootsy rhythms as a foundation for our practice. Every time we gather it is unique, as everyone in the space adds their voice, and in doing so contributes their special spice to flavour the collective soup we brew together. All are invited to be at home here to express the truth of themselves, through these songs of freedom. We co-create healing sounds, Music as Medicine, kindling the process of transformation which can move through us as ecstatic or cathartic dancing, sweet tears, deep peaceful stillness, the warmth of an inner joy, or other expressions.

After our journey you are invited to join us for a community dinner lovingly cooked by Matanah. Matanah has been serving in the community for over 18 years, using nature’s bountiful gifts: plants, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, herbs, water – with love – for upholding mind, body, spirit, soul, wellness. Love is a Gift. Food is the expression of the gift. Please pre-order your delicious vegan, gluten-free, onion-free meal.

No experience necessary – All are welcome
All ages, all genders, all ethnicities are welcome, and all are encouraged to treat each other with respect and compassion in our shared space.

There will be bolsters and meditations cushions available, but please bring your own cushion/sheepskin/blanket if you prefer so you are comfortable and warm during our time together. Please respect other people’s space, and do not come if you are feeling unwell.

Investment: Community Price £10, Supporter Price £15, plus On the door Price £20 (if there is space) – you are invited to pay the rate you can afford.
Delicious vegan thali £10.

Kirtan London with Šárka Elias at The Study Society

Sivani Mata Moon

photo credit Yoga and Photo by Cecilia