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Meditation at The Study Society

Starting the inward path to peace of mind and body

What is Meditation all about?

It has a long history

Meditation is the most ancient of all practices and is the heart of many traditions. It is a way to connect with our inner self - that space of complete stillness which is present in everything in the universe and is the essence of every being.
The meditation we give is a mantra meditation from the Advaita tradition. It is for anyone living and working in ordinary life and is open to everyone, whether they have a belief or none at all. It is easy to learn and consists of the silent repetition of a simple mantra for two half-hours a day. A mantra is a sacred sound, which when repeated helps to quieten the mind and bring the meditator to a place of peace and warmth of heart. A place simply to be and to feel 'at home'.
The practice of meditation is not a quick fix. It is more a gentle and gradual process which, over time, allows us to respond to our lives in a more positive way and gives us the energy to cope more easily with difficulty and stress.

Is it mumbo jumbo?

There have been many neurological studies on the effects of meditation. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and to increase activity in the left anterior brain regions associated with positive emotions. Read more on the neuro-physiological benefit of meditation and some information on the latest research on meditation here.

meditation in west london

If you are interested...

Meditation is given throughout the year in a simple ceremony. We offer an initial introductory talk and if you wish to continue a date will be given when you can receive the method of meditation. After this a course of three sessions and a group meeting are offered, followed by the chance to attend meditation meetings and other activities and Study Groups held at Colet House in London and around the country.

To arrange to come in for a meeting or to try a session get in touch with us here

meditation in west london

The Benefits of Meditation

Most people are looking for inner peace and happiness. Meditation is an age old tradition which has been around since the beginning of creation. This form of meditation using a sacred mantra comes with all the love, wisdom and knowledge handed down through the centuries. It offers some peace from our insistent stream of thoughts and allows us a glimpse of what is real and constant beyond the noise.

If you make the practice of meditation a part of your life you find that you can live life more fully without feeling overwhelmed by the up and downs that life tends to throw at all of us.

It is often a slow burn and the difference is imperceptible but over time the stillness of meditation permeates into everything you do and is the heart of who you are. You realise that all is part of the infinite spacious stillness, that everything arises and returns to it. It is like coming home to a place you already know.

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