Meditation is the Heart of The Study Society

The Meditation we practise at the Study Society is a form of transcendental meditation. This form of meditation uses a Mantra, a sacred sound, which is repeated until it naturally disappears (transcends). It takes the mind away from activity, thoughts and feelings to the deep silence of nothing and everything. We allow the mind to be free, to rest in the stillness, where no movement is sought, no thought is encouraged, no sound is needed – all these normal activities of the mind are left behind and we enter into the deep silence, which feels like a ‘coming home to our True Nature’. Here there is peace and unity; here there are no boundaries between inner and outer; here all is One. When thoughts arise, we return to the Mantra and effortlessly, lovingly repeat it until it disappears again.  Gradually the practice lets us rest in this deep stillness and allows us to enjoy “new and fresh mornings of life.”

It is a stand alone practice but is supported by a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from the Non – Dual teaching of Advaita for anyone interested.

The Initiation Ceremony

The word initiation can be off-putting but in this context it is simply a new beginning. On the day of your initiation you will receive the mantra in a simple traditional ceremony in which some words are spoken in Sanskrit and some in English. As part of the ceremony gifts of flowers and fruit are offered as symbols of life.

The mantra is given to you in this beautiful way, like a seed planted with love and care so that it has the best chance to grow. Someone will take you round and will be with you to answer any questions – this person will be there to support you afterwards and be your mentor.

Three Checks
Your initiator will meet you during the following week to check that all is going well and answer any further questions you may have.

The next two checks will be with your mentor during the next few weeks.

Mentoring and On-Going Support
After these three ‘official’ checks, you can be in contact with your mentor if you feel you would like further inspiration or support with your practice.  There are also meetings that are available for new meditators, such as the Meditation Meet Ups.

Meditation Meet Ups
These informal sessions are for new meditators or for those who have been away and are wishing to re-connect. They last for about an hour and take place once a term. Here you’ll have an opportunity to share experiences, ask questions and meditate together for about 15 minutes. We will meet at Colet House or on Zoom.

Silent Meditations
These take place on Zoom and last for 30 minutes. They’re held on Wednesday and Sunday evenings and begin with a short reading followed by 30 minutes of silent meditation, often ending with some music. They provide an intimate, friendly, supportive space for meditators to share the deep stillness of silent meditation together.

If you are interested in learning to meditate or want to know a bit more please contact the


‘Unless one has rest in love and happiness, one cannot survive, just as the body cannot survive without sleep. Meditation is to provide rest. To take people to bliss is simply to give them rest – rest with the Self – so that they may have new and fresh mornings of life’
H.H. Shantanand Saraswati

How we share the mantra

If you are interested in learning to meditate or want to know a bit more please contact the