Mandala Day – ‘BODY WISDOM’

with Steve SWORDS and Ailon Freedman 

SATURDAY MARCH 5, 10:30-17:30

@ Colet House

‘The Body is the Temple of the Soul.’ Many of us are familiar with this famous yogic proverb, and even without any religious connotations, our body is indeed our home. It’s where we live, dwell, eat, sleep, move and more.

Our body is also our interface with reality and the storehouse of every emotional experience we have ever had. As we learn tools and techniques for listening to our body, we begin to connect with an intuitive wisdom source that literally speaks from our very cells.

Body wisdom is kinaesthetic- it is something we FEEL, taste, touch and sense. In this way it is an extremely reassuring form of self knowledge.It arises from within us

In this one-day workshop we are going to look at a number of modalities that will help us nurture this body wisdom:-

-Hatha Yoga class- straightforward postures and breathing techniques to connect us to our body and breath

-Mimefulness Session-playful movement exercises mixed with mindfulness which help us slow down and viscerally arrive in the present moment

– Extended Massage class – sequences of clothed massage routines that will help us release tension and come more into our body. Drawn from Thai yoga Massage, Acupressure and Shiatsu

The day is suitable for all abilities

Price Earlybird (by Feb 28th) – £75 and £60 concession

Full Price (March 1st onwards) – £85 and £65 concession

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Steve Swords

Steve is a yoga teacher, body-worker & shamanic practitioner who has blended these practices together with a unique essence of fun and lightness running throughout.

His goal is to bring people to a place of balance, wellness & happiness which they can maintain and access for themselves, providing tools, techniques and stories to lubricate the journey.

Having trained in UK, India, Thailand & Peru he ended up living between UK & India for many years where he established and ran JiURU & The Varkala Experience retreats and workshops. He has his own holistic practice in the UK seeing 1-2-1 clients and groups.

“This level of skill—and even more so the humility and generosity with which it is applied—takes years of work and ongoing discipline. If I could, I’d fly him out to Peru tomorrow.”
Nizami Elle – Ayni Foundation

Ailon Freedman

Ailon Freedman’s adult life has been devoted to the synthesis and marriage of spiritual practice with humour and playfulness. He has worked as a yoga teacher, corporate facilitator and public speaking coach, as well as an artist, comedian, clown and drummer. He has brought many of these elements together in his trainings Clown Healing, Speak from the Heart and Free your Inner Artist.

Ailon’s mission is to help people discover their sense of freedom, wellness and inner balance through not only yoga and mindfulness but also self-expression, creativity, celebration and fun. This endeavour is currently taking shape as The Mandala of You curriculum at Colet House.

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