Life Inquiry


May Series: What is truth? 

IN PERSON: THURSDAYS in may, 18:00-20:30

The BLUE ROOM @ Colet House

If we consider life as the birthplace of truth, our sense of it must be severely limited by the confines of our mind. There would have to be more to what we call ‘reality’ as we cut through the fog of thought and perceive the totality of what is. Our inquiry establishes a direct relationship with our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetical truth as the guiding light for navigating life.

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We come together to inquire into life, inviting a new understanding to emerge that expands our sense of reality.
We allow for the past to be abandoned, awakening the aliveness of a genuine question. Our nature in relationship is laid bare as we listen from the unknown for what wants to come through beyond thought. Questions develop each session and serve as a mirror from which to see our self.

What is truth?
Can we be love?
Who are we to each other?

We engage in dialogue, silent inquiry, and other creative activities, flowering a new possibility of being together.
We do not work inside any organised system of thinking, but simply by our attention, noticing reactions in the moment and getting to the source of it in ourselves. This requires courage and willingness to let go of our knowing of ourselves as we cut through identifications and distortions of the mind, making available freedom.

Sessions are an opportunity for transformation, if we can be open and alive to the experience.

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Booking is not necessary. This class is open to all and by voluntary donation. For more information contact the office.


Kirtan London with Šárka Elias at The Study Society

Fritz Lensch

Fritz facilitates inquiry and transformation for a new understanding to emerge that changes our relationship with life.

He has played many roles; as a professional dancer and choreographer, founder, startup investor and leadership consultant. After awakening from these roles, that he had been playing in order to be somebody, he now inquires into the conflict between who we actually are and who we want to be, causing restlessness and illness.

Fritz understands transformation not as some future goal but as an experience of life now, liberating from patterns of conditioning and unfolding the dance of creation.

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Schedule of May series:
May 5 from 1800 to 2030
May 12 from 1800 to 2030
May 19 from 1800 to 2030
May 26 from 1800 to 2030