Kriya Yoga

Himalayan Kriya Yoga w/ Cristina Berar

Online CLASS:

wednesdays 10:00-11:00 am

This class is no longer running

Our ability to let go of negativity, anxiety, depression and even self-sabotaging behaviours and self-limiting beliefs depends on the potential to feel our body and activate key energetic channels and allow them to flow uninterrupted. What we think and feel is expressed in the our physical body as chemistry and in the energetic body as frequency and glow.

This Energetic Alignment Session is a process of purification and liberation that works with the physical body, mind and energetic layers together to release blocks and open your being for evolution and access to higher frequencies. We connect with the ground and the skies and we open the body as a pure pipeline of release, transformation and inspiration from our own inner source.

Through dynamic movement, tapping, conscious exploration, breath work and mudras we open the energetic channels for increased flow, and centralise the flow of energy to enable deep transformation and receptivity for a lighter way of living.

Kriya Yoga welcomes everyone with any level of experience.

 Zoom class etiquette:

  • Please be on time. The class starts at 10:00 and after this time late comers may not be able to come in
  • As much as possible please keep your camera open during the class and especially at the beginning. It is useful when you interact with the teacher so she can guide you better through the class.
  • It is useful when the teacher can see your practice during the class so she can guide the class accordingly. As much as possible please have yourself visible in the camera.

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Cristina Berar practising Kriya Yoga

Cristina Berar

Cristina Berar has studied yoga extensively around the world. In fact, In the past 10 years, she has completed over 1300 hours of Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trainings, most of them in India. She has studied in depth the practices of Hatha Yoga, Raja di Raja Yoga & Meditation, Himalayan Kriya Yoga. Cristina focuses on the body-mind-heart-self connection and supports her students in their journey of growing in acceptance and self-discovery.

Cristina is a Certified Transformational Coach, Graduate Psychologist and registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500).