Kriya Yoga

Himalayan Kriya Yoga with Cristina Berar

Online CLASS:

wednesday 10:00-11:00 am

Friends and members can access the direct Zoom links here.

Yoga is a journey of remembering the blissful nature of our self through releasing and letting go of all that we are not, while intensifying the connection with our true nature of causeless joy and kindness.

During the Himalayan Kriya Yoga classes, we will use a series of body, breath and mind techniques to help us become aware of our blockages and self-limitations, seamlessly allowing them to move away while we remember the simplicity and enjoyment of the present moment. 

We will move through the class activating our meridians and pranic flow, releasing from our Musco-skeletal system while intensifying our vibration and flowing into insightful meditative states. The class ends with a short session for sharing impressions where participants have the opportunity to discuss and integrate their experience.

This class welcomes everyone with any level of experience.

*Please note that this class will not take place on October 6th*

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Cristina Berar

Cristina Berar has studied yoga extensively around the world, most notably in India. Cristina focuses on the body-mind-heart-self connection and supports her students in their journey of growing in acceptance and self-discovery.