Kirtan Crystals

Creative Workshop: Kirtan Crystals


Friday apriL 1st 19:00 – 21:30

East Studio @ Colet House, London (W14 9DA)

Take your soul on a journey exploring the beauty of your heart chakra with sacred mantras and gemstones.

In this creative workshop we will be exploring and working with the therapeutic energies of crystal gemstones and writing our emotions.

Whether you are seeking greater energy and vitality, physical healing, emotional health, mental improvement, or spiritual upliftment, you experience a sacred space bringing in the Law of Attraction to create your now and near future affirmations.


    • This creative workshop is all about our emotional mapping;
    • Intentions – writing down and letting go of thoughts and emotions which we want to let go of in our lives.
    • Affirmations – inviting and accepting what we are ready to change in our life.
    • Creativity – making your own bracelet from a choice of gemstones. Guidance will be given during the workshop.
    • Mantra Kirtan – exploring sacred sound with music and words.
    • Candle gazing – to stabilize the heart and mind to achieve calmness – considering what we are grateful for, and what that nourishes us.
    • Meditation – the evening circle will close with a deep relaxing meditation.

    For the workshop You will receive the following ;

    • A gemstone bracelet making pack
    • A metallic embossed notebook to write your intentions and affirmations
    • Hand rolled incense and candle
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Nik Parmar

Nik Parmar from Spiritual Gypsy is a creative Bhakti yogi who loves to explore and share the ancient Eastern concepts of devotional wellbeing, offering a mystical lifestyle based on sacred culture and timeless wisdom wrapped in modern relevance and spiritual joy.

His research interest is in Performance Ritual and how people express their identity and connection to their sense of place through music, dance, storytelling and across the arts.

Spiritual Gypsy conducts bespoke creative workshops based on sacred, traditional and historically grounded arts and crafts heritage of the Vedic traditions.

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