Hatha Yoga London

with Ailon Freedman

Hatha Yoga London


East Studio @ Colet House

Come and join us for a Hatha Yoga London, Colet House, every Tuesday from 18:00 – 19:00.

Expect an accessible, slow-paced Hatha class that will wake up your body, quieten the mind and leave you calm and refreshed. The aim is to practice meditation through both movement as well as by exploring stillness in the postures.

Ailon Freedman has been teaching yoga since the days before it became hip and trendy. Therefore, there will be no bells or whistles, incense or music or obscure terminology- just present-moment exploration.

Hatha Yoga London is a collaboration with our friends at Mandala Centre. They are talented practitioners offering a range of workshops and events known as ‘The Mandala of You.’ Their curriculum unites mindfulness, playfulness and embodiment to feed you from the centre outward and to uncover your most radiant expression of self.

Tickets are £10 or £5 for Study Society members.

Ailon Hatha Yoga London
Ailon Freedman practising Hatha Yoga London , Colet House

Ailon Freedman

For the last 30 years, Ailon’s professional life has been devoted to the synthesis of spiritual practice with creative self expression. In 2001, he set up The Lotus Exchange -London’s first corporate yoga service, and since then he has worked as a yoga teacher, bodyworker and corporate facilitator as well as an artist, comedian, clown and drumming teacher.

Many of these elements  were brought together in his trainings Speak from the Heart, Free your Inner Artist and Clown Healing as well as the corporate wellbeing and team building programmes that he delivered for The Lotus Exchange.

Ailon is now developing the Mandala Centre curriculum ‘Mandala of You’ at Colet House.