Monday Good Company

Monday Good Company

Monday evenings in person and on zoom
18:00 – 20:00

Join us in Person at Colet House or register below to receive the Zoom meeting link.

We welcome all who wish to learn and share non-dual teachings to enhance inner peace, embrace fresh ideas and make new connections.

Currently presented both on zoom and live at our home, Colet House, Barons Court, the evenings open with a simple practice such as kirtan, chair yoga or breathing exercises to prepare for a shared half hour’s silent meditation followed by a presentation.

Long term Study Society member, designer and artist Jonathan Leiserach invites presenters from various disciplines including philosophers, scientists, doctors, musicians, artists, writers, and spiritual teachers to share thoughts and experience on non-dual themes.

Afterwards, for those who come to Colet House, there is the opportunity to join
The Movements to Music classes which The Study Society has offered for over 70 years.

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Non-duality meetings facilitator Jonathan Leiserach



Mon 22 JULY
This evening will be entirely on Zoom
6.00 – 8.00 Quiet Meeting and shared silent meditation with Sue Cassini




Narain Ishaya


First introduced to us by Ruth White, Narain is well known to Colet and The Study Society, and it is a joy to welcome him back.  Teacher of Meditation, consciousness, and spiritual discovery for more than fourteen years, Narain has taught in over seventeen countries. He currently resides in the mountains of Spain with his wife and their very conscious dog. Author of ‘Chit Happens’ he shares his simple direct way with us with an open heart. 

Norman Alderton


Norman has been a student of Non Duality for over 50 years and has facilitated a monthly Sunday morning meeting on behalf of the Society since 2008. He will be giving paper entitled “The Wisdom of Insecurity” which penetrates to the essence of Non Duality, offers three steps to the realisation of the reality of human existence and asks how this non-dual message can be consistent with the sense of separate existence which we all experience.

Donald Lambie


Donald Lambie, Senior tutor and leader of the School of Philosophy and economic Science is sharing images and his account of a visit to to Sri Vasudevananda Saraswati at the ashram

Stuart Schwartz


Stuart Schwartz  was a devotee of the sage Robert Adams. It is one’s beliefs and conditioned behaviors that blocks this truth. In Satsang we allow these positions to be seen and to melt.

There is a love before form and that is your true nature.

Steve Ford


Steve had a spontaneous Self-realisation one evening in 1999. This then began an inquiry into the nature of reality beginning with his own experience in an attempt to explain to others and himself what had happened.

He trained as an addiction therapist. While working as a therapist Steve was curious as to why the objective of therapeutic recovery stopped at personal congruence around mental and emotional issues rather than to a deeper nature of a pure conscious state. Steve left the field of therapy to develop his own what he calls the living process, where the wholeness of the human organism is achieved through first relating from what he sees as the field of undifferentiated consciousness, and from there, how pure awareness without attachment to form facilitates change.

Joyce D’Silva, D.Litt., D. Univ. (Hons).


Ambassador Emeritus for Compassion in World Farming

Joyce has an MA from Trinity College Dublin and Honorary degrees from the universities of Winchester and Keele. 

She has worked for Compassion in World Farming since 1985, including fourteen years as Chief Executive. Joyce played a key role in getting recognition of animal sentience enshrined in the European Union Treaties.

Joyce received an RSPCA Award for a “very important contribution in the field of animal welfare”. She has given evidence to the UK and New Zealand governments, the European Commission and the United Nations on issues ranging from genetic engineering and cloning of farm animals to meat reduction and regenerative agriculture.

She has been vegan for 49 years.

Joyce co-edited, with Professor John Webster, the book The Meat Crisis: Developing more sustainable and ethical production and consumption, Earthscan, 2017.

Joyce’s book Animal Welfare in World Religion: Teaching and Practice (Routledge 2023) has been very well reviewed.

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