Fear to Freedom

Fear to Freedom 

with Vanessa Mazzocchi 

MONDAY evenings for 4 weeks

COMMENCING march 21st, 19:00 – 20:30

West Studio @ Colet House

Fear to freedom is a series of talks, exercices and guided visualisations that can help an individual release themselves from fear – small or large. It begins through hearing the call of the wild feminine, creating the space for change, and coming home to each individuals unique passion and joy. Fear to Freedom allows one to claim back their power; and aims to places them gently in the relationship of collaboration with spirit to weave the life they desire.

In this four week course, in which you may attend one or all sessions, we will build on developing curiosity around the parts of our lives that feel lack, fine tuning our listening skills to the inner call setting us on our path,  how to feed our inner and outer landscapes with sustenance so we can pursue creative endeavours and passions at will, and how this ultimately leads us to become the main protagonist in our story in which we are both the hero and villain. Taking responsibility for transforming our fear into freedom and how spirit is our greatest ally along the way.

£20 drop-in,  Concessions/Members £15

This event is a collaboration with our friends at Mandala Centre – a hub of talented practitioners offering a range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual events known as ‘The Mandala of You.’ Their deeply nourishing curriculum unites mindfulness, playfulness and embodiment to feed you from the centre outward and to uncover your most radiant expression of self.

Vanessa Mazzocchi

Vanessa’s spiritual practice dates back to 2013 as she became pulled towards her spiritual path and the continuous journey of uncovering her power as a medicine woman and healer. As a qualified paramedic, Vanessa has spent many years caring for the community, dealing with situations spanning from birth to death. Fed up with the gaps in the medical model, Vanessa places her faith in spirit to allow her to work as a channel for the work the world so desperately needs in the here and now.

Vanessa has spent her time studying yogic philosophy in India, modern Buddhism in the UK and aims to live in alignment being guided by animist principles. A practicing student of ritual and ceremony, she aims to co-create with spirit so that she may share this magic with the world. Her quest for knowledge and understanding of the world of spirit is limitless.

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