Emerging from Lockdown

Emerging from Lockdown

Wednesday evenings

18:45 – 20:00

Join leadership coach Matthias Gruendler and friends for gatherings in which members of the general public and The Study Society community are invited to share personal experiences of lockdown in a safe, non-judgemental space. The intention is to gather as one might around a kitchen table or by a fire at the end of the day and be heard with respect and without interruption, for the sake of collective wisdom.

It’s not a formal meeting nor is it a therapy session. No advice will be given unless directly requested. The idea is to come together as equals regardless of social role, teaching background, culture or spiritual practice. It’s about speaking directly from the heart and being heard as a fellow human being no matter who you are.

Some may share from the perspective of living alone, being a parent, spouse or a business owner. Others perhaps as meditators, philosophers, yogis, musicians, artists, Mevlevi turners, or readers of poetry. There may be stories of challenges overcome and others that are ongoing. A number of us may be experiencing deep loss and grief. Others may have found some inspiration or a silver lining and new ways of handling things despite all.

There will be some time set aside for silent meditation or contemplation, and, at times, perhaps some music or an inspirational reading.

This gathering is offered free of charge to all. Please register below.

Matthias Gruendler