Mindful Meditation

Feel calmer, happier & less stressed

Mindful Meditation with Patti Good

Beginners course May 1st – June 5th
Intermediate course June 12th – July 17th
Wednesday, 18.30 – 19.30


Beginners Course

Mindful Meditation is a simple, gentle way to come present in your body so your mind can calm down. This process has proven to have a profoundly positive effect on both physical & emotional wellbeing.

On the Beginners course…
1) I will introduce you to a selection of different meditation and mindfulness techniques so you can discover what works best for you
2) I will support you in creating a daily practice that fits into your

By the end of the course you will
- Be enjoying a regular Mindful Meditation Practice
- Be able to easily integrate periods of deep silence and stillness
- Enjoying the benefits of a regular Mindful Meditation Practice

Benefits include…
- Feel calmer, happier & less stressed
- Enjoy better sleep & more energy
- Benefit from clearer thinking & better decision making
- Embrace a healthier & stronger sense of self
- Feel more connected to your inner wisdom

6-weeks Course: £70 / £55 (members)
Drop in: £12 / £7 (members)

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Intermediate Course

Continue to deepen your Mindful Meditation practice. When you’re present in your body, the mind calms down. This then has a profoundly positively effect on both your physical and emotional wellbeing. My approach is to gently build on the foundation that was laid during the Beginner’s Mindful Meditation Course.

On the Intermediate course…
1) I will support you in deepening your Mindful Meditation practice and start introducing you to more periods of stillness and silence
2) I will introduce the more spiritual aspects of coming home to yourself and your Inner Guidance

By the end of the course you will
- Understand what Mindful Meditation is and why it is so powerful
- Have experienced many different practical ways to get out of your head and into your body
- Laid the foundation for your own regular practice
- Start seeing the benefits of Mindful Meditation in your life

Benefits include…

- Improved sleep
- Less stress
- Reduced pain and discomfort
- Clearer thinking
- More endorphins
- Lower blood pressure
- Improved relaxation

6-weeks Course: £70 / £50 (members)
Drop in: £13 / £7 (members)

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