Conversations on Consciousness
An exploration into New Perspectives on the Nature of Reality

Conversations on Consciousness
FIrst tuesday of the month at 18:00 – 19:30 

East Studio @ Colet House, London (W14 9DA)

In open, facilitated discussions we will seek to find ways to transform the patterns and conditions which cause anxiety, fear and disillusionment. This will lead to a deeper understanding of our place in the universe and encourage a more permanent meaning and purpose to our lives.
The conversations will be led by a member of The Study Society familiar with these topics.

Here are some of the subjects which will be covered in these fortnightly meetings: 

The Primacy of Consciousness: New perspectives and understandings. Examining the relationship between awareness (consciousness) and the contents of awareness

Meditation: Investigating the practice and meaning of meditation and its role in the awakening of our true nature.

The nature of the self: How do we experience the self and what is its true nature? How do we experience ourselves in day to day living? How do we experience our own existence in the relative movement of time? Can we move into deeper dimensions of experience?

The transformation of perception: Discovering the deeper connections between all manifest forms in our lives and in the cosmos. The progress of unified, non-dual physics and its effect on materialist science. Opening to the realisation of an alive, conscious universe. 

Self-Inquiry: Finding internal relationships between the different levels of the human psyche. Examining the relationship between our inner and outer worlds.

The Heart: Its position and ultimate importance in spiritual awakening. Developing an open and softened heart as a gateway to deeper levels of experience and non-dual perspectives.

The movement into stillness: Experiencing the connection between movement and deep stillness.


These meetings are offered free of charge. Please consider making a donation to The Study Society to support the charity.