Kirtan with Šárka Elias

Special Kirtan in London with Šárka Elias

SEPTEMBER 30th – 7:30pm

Top Studio @ Colet House

 Kirtan is part of the Bhakti Yoga – Yoga of devotion and surrender. Our songs incorporate Mantras, original songs as well as Sacred/Medicine Songs from various cultures. In this Kirtan night in London together we will sing, chant, pray, meditate and express pure happiness and joy. Sarka Elias plays the guitar and the harmonium and will be accompanied by her musical friends. We warmly invite you to come nourish your soul in community and mix your precious voice with ours.

This event is a collaboration with our friends at Mandala Centre – a hub of talented practitioners offering a range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual events known as ‘The Mandala of You.’ Their deeply nourishing curriculum unites mindfulness, playfulness and embodiment to feed you from the centre outward and to uncover your most radiant expression of self.

Bring an open heart!

Kirtan London with Šárka Elias at The Study Society

Šárka Elias

Šárka Elias is a singer/songwriter, vocal coach and workshop facilitator.

A classically trained vocalist from the Czech Republic with significant experience of musical styles from around the globe.

Her musical output is constantly evolving as she takes inspiration from the various cultures she voraciously explores, blending different styles to bring a unique and uplifting energy to her performances.

Since 2014 she has been guiding circles in UK, India, Peru, Czech Republic and Greece.