Colet House Open Day

September 24

Colet House opens its doors to old friends and new!

It’s been brilliant having Colet House full of people again after the ups and downs of the past couple of years, so much so that we are holding on Open House to give more people the chance to see who we are and find out what we are all about; it will be an opportunity to meet our teachers, members and practitioners and get to know the place where the magic happens ✨

Join us on the 24th of September from 3pm for a special afternoon and evening to discover the benefits of our spiritual and wellness practices, whether you are a beginner or experienced, young or old, fit or not so fit. Colet House will be open to all and free of charge – newcomers to our activities will be welcome to join in and try out as many or as few classes and workshops as they would like, discover the story of our unique building, and enjoy a cup of tea while meeting our community and making some new friends. As we move into the evening there will be food, performances and Kirtan.

From 5pm to 8pm there will be a pop-up restaurant in the refectory. From 7pm all the guests are invited to join our night performance in the Top Studio.

The performance will be opened by an exhibition of Whirling Dervish turning, an ancient method for experiencing inner stillness that was originally taught to us in 1963 by a Mevlevi Sheikh with the permission of the head of the order. After the performances guests will be invited to “slow turn” which is a simple turning technique that can be learnt in a few minutes and leads to the experience of stillness.

The Open Day will end with Šárka Elias’s famous Kirtan. Kirtan is part of the Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of devotion and surrender). The songs incorporate Mantras, original songs as well as Sacred/Medicine Songs from various cultures. Get ready to sing, chant, pray, meditate and express pure happiness and joy.