Chi Kung London (Qigong) 

Chi Kung with Natalia Miralles Huete


TUESDAYS 18:00-19:15

Top Studio @ Colet House

Qigong Series: Water Elements

Series of four drop-in classes from Feb 21st to March 14th.

Natalia teaches Chi Kung in London, in the beautiful surrounds of the Top Studio at Colet House. An ancient Chinese Art for wellbeing and healing, Chi Kung is a system composed of many different practices. For example, meditation, breathing techniques, self massage, and gentle, fluid movements.

Qigong and the Water Element:

“Nothing in the world 

Is as soft and yielding as water

Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,

Nothing can surpass it”

(Tao Te Ching. Chapter 78)

A series of four classes to embody the gentle power of the Water Element. We will learn what it’s like to flow freely like water and to dissolve the fear and tension that we carry in our bodies, minds and spirits.

The classes can be taken individually or as a set for a discounted price:

Drop-in : £12.50

4 classes: £40

You can purchase the tickets online or in person at our reception desk.

Natalia teaching Chi Kung (Qi gong) in West London

Natalia Miralles Huete

Is a Certified Chi Kung Teacher. She has trained with Daniel Brierley who teaches Chi Kung online for The Study Society.

She graduated from the Chronic Pain Self Management Program at St George’s Hospital in May 2019: a transformative experience that made her embrace the changes in her life. Leaving behind her career as an architect and trying ever since then to live every day in balance with her most treasured values.

Natalia is also a volunteer at St George’s Hospital. There she has helped patients to cope better with their stay in hospital, teaching them mindful movements, meditation, relaxation techniques, and even Spanish!