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Chi Kung Online with Daniel Brierley


TUESDAY 9:45-10:45
THURSDAY 9:45-10:45 (Seated chi Kung)
THURSDAY 17:30-18:30


Chi Kung is an ancient system of health and exercise that originates from China, where it has been developing and evolving for thousands of years. People have used this practice for millennia, not only to support and maintain health but also as a form of conscious exercise and meditation. Thus, Chi Kung online classes are suitable for any age group, and any level of health and fitness.

Elemental Chi Kung is a branch of Chi Kung that is rooted in Classical Chinese medicine. It is based on a system of five elements, Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood.

Chi Kung guides us to a better understanding of the health and function of our bodies, it encourages optimum health and fitness. Each Movement form we practice is based on one of these elements. Moreover, elemental Chi Kung heals and strengthens the body, calms the mind, and lifts the spirits.

Chi Kung tends to focus on movement, flow and breath. Supporting the internal structures and systems of the body, improving breath control and increasing general vitality and awareness. Furthermore, It includes Static postures that condition and strengthen the body.

Daniel Brierley teaching Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

Daniel Brierley

Daniel Brierley is a principal teacher of Chi Kung at the London College of Elemental Chi Kung, and has taught workshops and courses in India, New Zealand, Australia, Morocco and many European countries.

Seated Chi Kung for those who are less mobile. The class will focus on movements, forms and techniques that can be easily practised while sitting. In essence the class will have a more meditative approach. Focussing on posture, alignment through the spine, breathing techniques to improve mental and physical functionality and simple flowing forms, to aid blood circulation and nerve function. It will be a gentle and mindful practice.

CHI KUNG – Tuesdays 09.45 & Thursdays 17.30:

SEATED CHI KUNG – Thursdays 09.45:

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