The Study Society Broader Community

How we interact and cherish those around us.

The Study Society Links

Linking our broader community for a deeper understanding

The Scientific and Medical Network

The SMN is an interdisciplinary networking forum and educational charity exploring science, medicine, philosophy and spirituality.

The School of Meditation

The School of Meditation teaches Advaita meditation and was founded in 1961.

Rupert Spira

Non Duality Contemplation, Non Duality teachings, Advaita and Consciousness.

Advaita Vision

Dennis Waite. Information on all aspects of Advaita - essays, answers to questions, recommended reading, book reviews, web resources, blogs, information on teachers and schools and a Sanskrit dictionary.

Mother Meera

Mother Meera Darshans.

The School of Economic Science (SES)

Offers a wide range of courses, inspired by the broad principles of Advaita philosophy.

Rupert Sheldrake

Presenting the work of this biologist and author.

Tony Parsons

The Open Secret.

Timothy Freke

You are asleep and dreaming. Wake up.

The Brahma Kumaris

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK).

Ruth White Yoga

Ruth White's Iyengar yoga classes at Colet.

The Helen Astrid Singing Academy

Helen Astrid is a musician and singer who gives singing lessons.

Nikki Slade - Free the Inner Voice

Releasing our natural voice.

Christian Meditation

Welcomes members of other faiths to share the experience of silence.

St. Paul's Institute

St Paul’s Institute seeks to recapture the cathedral’s ancient role as a centre of education and public debate.

Wellington Study Group

The Study Society in New Zealand.

Sociedad de Estudios Filosoficos

The Study Society in Spain.

Practical Philosophy (Germany)

School of Practical Philosophy in Germany.

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