Breath In Motion

Dance your way to Inner Peace

Breath In Motion – Dance your way to Inner Peace

with Ajay Rajani and Alison Chisholm-Trower

Thursday December 2, 19:00-20:45

Top Studio @ Colet House

Breath is the foundation of mobility yet we often cramp our breath and engage only part of our body. Likewise, many of us move our bodies in a startlingly limited range of routine actions, such as sitting in one posture. Yet the body cries out to be more agile and benefits beyond measure from being allowed to gently move in different ways.

This class will centre us with a deeper, more fluid breath to fuel us in inspiring dance movement. Supported with live percussion we will find our ground and freedom, and leave feeling more embodied, centred and alive.

“ I don’t dance because I’m happy – I’m happy because I dance”

This is an accessible breath-movement class for all ages and movement abilities, simply wear loose clothing. No high heels please.

This event is a collaboration with our friends at Mandala Centre – a hub of talented practitioners offering a range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual events known as ‘The Mandala of You.’ Their deeply nourishing curriculum unites mindfulness, playfulness and embodiment to feed you from the centre outward and to uncover your most radiant expression of self.

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Alison Chisholm-Trower

Alison is an interfaith minister who has held non-denominational ceremonies for 5 years under the banner of the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation. She believes that an embodied spiritual practice is the key to personal and communal health. For this reason she supports communal dance, breath, voice, song, music and movement as ways for us to develop whole being wellness.

Ajay Rajani

Ajay is an accredited teacher of the 5Rhythms. His spiritual journey began over a decade ago with a strong practice of seated meditation and this continues to inform his 5Rhythms teaching where he inspires embodying the moment and allowing your body to be your greatest teacher.

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