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Top Studio

Perfect for major lectures, conferences, workshops, concerts or dance and drama rehersals.
22m x 10.2m (70’ x 30’)

Huge space - ideal for socially distanced classes and workshops

Top Studio

Top Studio

Wood floor
Public address system – Basic system with:
up to 2 stand mics,
2 hand-held radio mics and
1 lapel radio mic;
music replay from CD or MP3 minijack;
recording on CF digital recorder or CD recorder.
More elaborate systems by arrangement. NB. A more elaborate system is likely to be needed for recording or amplifying live music.
Induction loop system
Large projection screen and data projector
200 chairs available
Grand piano x2

Top Studio

Top Studio

Rooms will normally be provided and should be returned with the floor clear and chairs stacked. If you require help setting out or clearing chairs, or operating the sound system, this can be provided subject to availability.

Blue Room

Seating capacity: 20
Ideal for small discussion groups.
6m x 6m (18' x 18')

Top Studio

East & West Studios

Seating capacity: up to 50 in each.
Ideal for medium sized groups, small recitals, dance and drama workshops.
8.5m x 10m (27’ x 32’)
Wood floors
Grand piano in both studios
CD replay sound system (West studio).

Top Studio

Top Studio


The Kitchen/Refectory is available for the preparation and consumption of refreshments and for no other activities, when another room is also being hired.
Flexible seating for up to 50 people
Gas cooker, fridge and dishwasher
Crockery and cutlery provided
All consumables must be provided by the hirer.

Top Studio


Morning: 9:00-13:00
Afternoon: 13:30-17:30
Evening: 18:00-22:00
Day: 9:00-17:30

The hourly rates apply to those extending the above booking periods by no more than 3 hours and to those booking smaller rooms for shorter periods. Bookings of 3 hours or less must be within a single booking period.


Once a booking is confirmed, the hirer may send publicity material promoting their event to the bookings manager in the form of small printed leaflets or electronic copy in PDF format for display in Colet House or on the Study Society website. The material should mention Colet House as the venue but not imply that it is a Study Society event.


People have been meditating in Colet House and finding inner stillness here for half a century and this adds to the special atmosphere. We hope hirers will respect that and that they will in turn not be disturbed by other activities. However, there are often multiple groups meeting on the same day so, for bookings that are likely to involve loud noise, we reserve the right to make a surcharge if we feel that other rooms might be rendered un-bookable at the same time due to noise.


Discounts may be offered under certain circumstances. These may include:
Charities with aims similar to those of the Society.
Multiple bookings made in a single application.
These are only possible in special cases and are entirely at the discretion of the Study Society.


A house manager or representative may well be present in the building during a hire period, but this cannot be guaranteed unless booked in advance.

The Hirer will normally be issued with an access code for the front door a few days before the event. That code will only be valid for the booked duration of the event and must not be shared with anyone not involved with the event.

A booking for audio-visual equipment in the top studio includes up to 30 minutes assistance in setting up and training in its operation. If a sound operator is needed for the rest of the booking they must be booked in advance and will be charged for.

Seating in the Top Studio: 150 chairs are normally kept stacked at the back of the room and should be returned there afterwards. Seating can be set out and cleared by a house manager or representative if booked in advance at additional cost.

If a house manager has not been booked but is requested at short notice, for example to help with audio-visual or chairs, an overtime rate will be charged.

A supplement will be added to published rates for events expecting more than 60 attendees. This is due to the need to have a house manager present in the building in case of fire or other emergency.

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