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An Introduction to Thai Style Massage


In a total of 25 hours over five five-hour classes this simple effective set of techniques can be prcaticed and learned.
Course resumes in September 2023
  • September 9, 23
  • October 7, 21
  • November 4

Learn a skill to keep for life that will positively benefit  you & your friends & family, the healing art of massage, body-work, informed touch, non-verbal communication & receptiveness. This Thai-style combination of various techniques helps to bring balance, calm and energy to both giver and receiver. In a total of 25 hours, over 5 5hr classes,(1 day drop-in also available) this simple effective set of techniques can be practised and learned. Maybe you are a body or energy worker/therapist already looking for some more tools? It is great for couples, carers, yoga teachers….anyone with the desire to give from the heart. Make a positive difference in the lives of others. Everything for Goodness.

An insight into the physical and energetic bodies, breathing exercises and a simple comprehensive system of massage techniques and stretches for the whole body, hands, feet and head spanning. Working the 2 main energy lines/channels Ittha & Pingala, to bring balance back to the body physically and energetically. It is a meditative process for the practitioner too. These will be applied through the clothes working on a mat on the floor. They can also be applied with oil on a table*

Tension is present in the body due to our physical and mental activities, too much tension leads to injury and illness long term. The application of massage techniques and a regular breathing pattern can alleviate much of this and help us not to get caught in these unhelpful patterns.


 5 days/25 hours, learn the full sequence…….£300

 1 day drop in…………………………………….£70 per day

*2 day workshop to apply techniques with oil.

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Stephen Swords

Stephen Swords is a wellness therapist and practitioner, specialising in body-work and soft tissue manipulation. Stephen is practised in many traditions including Thai Yoga massage, Remedial massage, Ayurveda, combining them to offer his own intuitive style.

Thai Yoga Massage

  • Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is an all-encompassing treatment whether for relaxing or therapeutic.
  • Working on a system of energy lines present in and on the body, Thai yoga massage is a mixture of passive and active stretches, acupressure and breathing.
  • It is a combination of massage, yoga, osteopathy, chiropractic, reflexology, acupressure, passive exercise and meditation. It is both a complex theoretical science and an informal art form.