Body Hour

West Studio @ Colet House, London (W14 9DA)

  • January 15th @ 11am
  • February 19th @ 11am
  • March 26th @ 11am

Body Hour is a somatic meditation rooted in mindfulness and the principles of 5 Rhymths, but with a twist.

Body Hour begins with an intention or question set by each practitioner. This question can be witnessed and shared between practitioners. The question can be as abstract as you like.

Once the music begins, you are free to explore your question through the time consciously spent in/with your body. This can be a solo journey or you are welcome to consensually interact with other practitioners.

The music playlist will follow the 5 rhythms map: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness. You are welcome to follow this map as a starting point, but we encourage you to let your body and your question guide you through this time: you could spend the entire hour frantically flailing your limbs, laying still on a mat, or sitting in a chair moving only your wrist and pinky finger. It is for you to interpret the intention and the music within your body, however it manifests for you.

We end Body Hour in stillness & rest to allow whatever we’ve experienced over the last hour to integrate.

Each practitioner has the option to either conclude and depart individually or to stay and share what they experienced with others.

Developed by actors & artists Jessica Munna & Amy Garner Buchanan

Please note there are no requirements as to skill or dis/ability at Body Hour.  All bodies are welcome to come and make this practice their own.

Price: We offer tiered pricing at £14, £10, or £7. We use the following as the basis for this:
If you live in the UK the average income is around £36k p/year.
  • If you earn more than this average please pay high tier

  • if you earn around this average please pay mid tier

  • if you earn below this average please pay low tier

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Jessica Munna

Jessica is a US-born/UK-based & LAMDA-trained actor, writer, and theatre/filmmaker. She makes original theatre & films that explore sex, death, and capitalism; she is most known for her role in Finn Callan’s film, Guest. She is an alumni of Soho Comedy & Offie-winning Degenerate Fox, and is a member of the Young Vic Creator’s Program. In addition to her work as an artist, Jessica teaches voice (classes & private lessons) as well as filmmaking.

african drumming workshop

Amy Garner Buchanan

Amy Garner Buchanan is an Australian-born, London-based theatre-maker, creating work that seeks to reclaim and reimagine old stories for new times. Since graduating from LAMDA with an M.A. Classical Acting, their artistic highlights have included the Make Me audio drama series (Spotify); Babies & Bathwater (winner of the Sean Meehan Identity Award at Dublin Gay Theatre Festival) and We Never Get Off at Sloane Square (Park Theatre). Amy lives with multiple chronic illnesses and is passionate about creative spaces that include all bodies.