Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition, Pranayama, Meditation, Self-Enquiry and Discussion

with Billy Doyle, Sunday November 19, 2023

Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition, Pranayama, Meditation, Self-Enquiry and Discussion.

Sunday November 19th, 2023

10:00 – 16:00 Full day or half day tickets available with a lunch option

The day will be in two sessions, the morning with yoga and the afternoon questions, answers and guided meditation.

Meeting held at Colet House and via Zoom


The morning session will focus on yoga, in the afternoon there will be a self-enquiry talk based on non-duality with questions and answers and a guided meditation. It’s possible to book the morning or afternoon separately.

The morning session will be a mixture of guided meditation, body awareness, working with the breath and techniques of pranayama, exploring movement and yoga postures and space for questions.

Through relaxing and listening to the body we come to the feeling of the real body, one of spaciousness. In our yoga practise we keep this feeling alive from moment to moment. In this experience of openness, a feeling without boundaries, we have a fore feeling of our real nature.

We explore the breath, allowing the space between each breath, feel it in different parts of the body and use the techniques of pranayama to stimulate the energy in the body.

Meditation is not a cerebral activity or concentration. It is there when we are innocent of all intention, it is when we are not there. Ultimately, we come to understand there is no meditator and nothing to meditate on. We are meditation.

In the afternoon we will explore the ultimate question of Who am I ?

During the talk we will look at what it means to know the Self, our real nature, and how we can come to be open to this understanding. Our meeting will include questions and answers and a guided meditation.

Billy will be at Colet House and you are very welcome to join us in person. If you would like to join us online via Zoom instead please select the ZOOM ONLY ticket option and you will be sent joining instructions nearer the time.

Colet House has yoga mats, cushions, blocks, etc., available on the day for those that need them.

*Please note: the meeting will be recorded for use on Billy’s and The Study Society’s websites 

Delicious vegetarian buffet lunch is available. Please add-on lunch option if you wish to pre-order your meal. 


  • 10.00 Doors
  • 10.30 Morning session one
  • 11.40 Tea break
  • 12.00 Morning session two
  • 13.00 Lunch break (BYO or buffet lunch available)
  • 14.00 Afternoon session (Q&A)
  • 15.30 Afternoon tea
  • 16.00 Close
Billy Doyle teaches Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition, an approach based on listening to the body and has its foundation in the non-dualistic perspective.

He was drawn to the non-dualistic teaching of the East in his 20’s and in the 1980’s met Jean Klein, a master of Advaita and Yoga, in London. The meeting had a deep impact and he subsequently spent many years attending Jean Klein’s retreats and dialogues in UK and abroad.

Billy runs retreats in UK, and teaches yoga as well as non-duality discourses online.

He is author of “Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: the art of listening”, which follows the teachings of Jean Klein and also two poetic books written from a non-duality perspective: “The Mirage of Separation” and “Ocean of Silence”.


Whilst teaching online I will not be able to see your postures or movements as I would in a face to face class. This limits my ability to correct you. By attending these meetings you are agreeing to take full responsibility for yourself and for any injury. If you have any injuries or medical issues and have doubts about yoga practice please consult your doctor. You know your body best, if you need to make any modifications of a posture or to avoid one that is not suitable for you, please do so.

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