Bhakti Breakfast Club

The Bhakti Breakfast Club


Saturday DECEMBER  3rd 10.45am – 12.30pm

Refectory @ Colet House, London (W14 9DA)

Join us at Colet House for a morning of devotional nourishment with Nik Parmar

Explore and learn how to express Authentic Devotion with:

Kirtan – Manifesting your voice into a journey of Divine connectedness
Mantra – Creating a relationship with the sacred sound
Gnana – Expand your Musical Skills and Knowledge
Katha – Reflecting on the philosophy of Bhakti
Bhava – Connecting your voice to your unexpressed emotions
Raga – Exploring the sacred ocean of melodies
Japa – Indulging in the ritual of 108 mantra recital
Kriya – Practicing sargam, the Indian system of notes
Sanga – Growing with like minded people in a journey into the heart of sound

The Bhakti Breakfast Club will be a monthly gathering at Colet House

Donation Based Workshop* (Suggested donation range £12-£20)

*Your generosity is a gift that supports not just the teacher, but also the community and your practice.

Nik playing kirtan Colet house

Nik Parmar

Nik Parmar of Spiritual Gypsy is a creative Bhakti yogi who loves to explore and share the ancient Eastern concepts of devotional wellbeing, offering a mystical lifestyle based on sacred culture and timeless wisdom wrapped in modern relevance and spiritual joy.

His research interest is in Performance Ritual and how people express their identity and connection to their sense of place through music, dance, storytelling and across the arts.

Nik conducts bespoke creative workshops based on sacred, traditional and historically grounded arts and crafts heritage of the Vedic traditions.

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