Advaita Sundays with Philip Marvin

The Philosphy of Advaita

These Sunday morning gatherings get to the very heart of non-dual teachings.

They are intended to be both inspiring and practical. A theme may be introduced or a question may spark a spontaneous conversation.

Many long-term members of The Study Society have been regular participants of this group for some time but new visitors join every month and all are most welcome. The group is guided by Philip Marvin who has over forty years experience as both a student and teacher of Advaita which means  ‘not two’.

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The Study Society has had a long association with a line of teachers and tradition that traces back to one of the key figures in non-dual teachings – Adi Shankara – 8th century AD. Much rich material has derived from this resource. However more modern expressions of non-duality are also embraced as appropriate. Also the non-dual tradition in mystical Christianity, Sufism and Buddhism is also drawn on as well as Vedanta. The practical application of these essential teachings in everyday life and experience is emphasised and experiences shared.

2021 meeting schedule:

  • Jan 24 @ 10:30
  • Feb 21 @ 10:30
  • Mar 21 @ 10:30
  • Apr 18 @ 10:30
  • May 23 @ 10:30
  • Jun 20 @ 10:30